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One of the best known mountain areas in Italy and the favorite mountain resort of the Venetians, theAsiago plateau it rises at an altitude of 1001 meters on the border with Trentino Alto Adige.

The wide spaces, green meadows and a gently shaped territory make Asiago an ideal destination for those looking for a healthy and uncontaminated environment where they can relax and have fun.

The tourist vocation of Asiago has meant that over the years a diversified tourist offer has developed from sports to wellness. Thanks to the many sports facilities you can practice many sports such as golf, mountain biking, long treks in nature.

To hikers Asiago offers multiple possibilities with dirt roads, paths and routes that allow you to discover uncontaminated places immersed in the woods of the plateau or reach panoramic points where you can admire the panorama overlooking the Trentino Alps and the Veneto plain.

There are also numerous wartime excursion routes where, with the help of indications and illustrations, you can retrace the scenarios of the first world war to discover trenches and outposts also narrated in the book "A year on the plateau" by Emilio Lussu.

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Asiago=History. From the Bavarians who reclaimed the territory to the Cimbrians, and then the First World War which upset the life and face of the plateau after the hard battle between Austria and Italy.

Now Asiago shines in a new light, i boschi they have returned to life and the whole town has been rebuilt, even better than before, but the signs of war are still there and if you walk through the pastures you can still see the marks left by the bombs.

History and Culture

Asiago was the stage of the Italian Great War, a cannon shot fired on May 24, 1915 from Fort Verena at an altitude of 2015 meters it began Italy's entry into the war against Austria-Hungary. Now the fort sleeps peacefully but is no longer usable due to the damage suffered during the war.

In the village, however, there is the museum of the Great War which preserves all the testimonies and war objects of the past. A destination that together with the Military Shrine of Asiago forms the school tour that every year attracts hundreds of school groups to discover didactics of the First World War.

Among the other destinations of historical and cultural interest we find the Museum of the Cimbri which preserves documents and objects of common use of the Cimbrian population, the Fossil Museum, the Naturalistic Museum and theastrophysical observatory of the University of Padua, which finds its location in Cima Ekar, where researchers organize guided night tours to discover the sky, an ideal place for those who love the sky and the stars.

He lived in Asiago Mario Rigoni Stern one of the greatest writers of the twentieth century, famous all over the world for his book "The Sergeant in the Snow". In the Plateau we find the woods and meadows, the animals narrated in his books such as "the wood of the grouse" or in “woodmen and bees”, here we rediscover the wild nature of the animals that have now disappeared in many mountain locations following the settlement of man described with simple but strong words in Rigoni's texts.

Asiago cheese

THEplateau of the 7 municipalities it is also the land of flavours. Here better than any other place you can taste the ancient flavors of the past, typical products that have remained unchanged over time both in the processing method and in the raw materials.

On these lush green expanses one of the most famous cheeses in Italy is born, the Asiago cheese.
A soft cheese with a delicate flavor that embodies all the goodness of fresh mountain milk produced directly in the numerous huts and mountain pastures spread throughout the territory.

In addition to the tasty cheese we also find the "Speck di Asiago" and the honey that comes from the beehives that many Asiago families still keep in business today.

In addition to the typical specialties we can also find the products of Rigoni di Asiago, a historic company that produces jams and the hazelnut product that in recent years has conquered all of Italy and beyond.
Throughout the territory there are numerous restaurants offering typical menus with dishes prepared by talented chefs who know how to reproduce the flavors of the past, but for those who want something different then just choose your favorite refuge and after a nice hike on foot or in mountain bike you can enjoy a lunch overlooking the magnificent Alpine panorama.

Holiday hotel

Linta Hotel Wellness & Spa – 4 Stars

Linta Hotel Wellness & Spa is a unique structure located on a panoramic hill, with breathtaking views of the Asiago plateau. The hotel, immersed in private gardens, becomes a corner of paradise, where you can release stress and regenerate yourself thanks to the well-being offered by the spa center and indoor swimming pool. An escape from the daily routine and a return to nature, where the scents of pine trees, birdsong and pure mountain air promise a relaxing and exhilarating experience.

The Linta Hotel offers a variety of rooms, some of which boast a balcony with panoramic views. From the comfort of your private balcony, you can enjoy a view of the greenery, with the center of Asiago appearing only 15 minutes away on foot. There is also free parking, a detail that further increases the comfort of your stay.

The beating heart of the Linta Hotel is its own wellness center, equipped with one ice room, a sauna and a Turkish bath, perfect for relaxing after a day spent exploring the beauties of Asiago. If, on the other hand, you prefer more dynamic activities, the hotel also has a gym, to keep your lifestyle active even on vacation.

At the table, the Linta is no different. In its restaurant you can savor local specialities, savoring dishes prepared with love and attention in a dining room that boasts large windows overlooking the greenery. The varied and creative menu, combined with the prime location, makes every meal a dining experience to remember.

Based on guest reviews, Linta Hotel Wellness & Spa can be said to be highly regarded for its panoramic and modern structure, friendly service and relaxing atmosphere. Guests particularly praise the restaurant staff, the spa, and the quality of the food. Some guests have pointed out that the spa, though for a fee, is definitely worth it.

Meltar Boutique Hotel – 4 Stars

Surrounded by greenery and embraced by the mountains of Asiago, the Meltar Boutique Hotel stands as a precious hidden gem, an oasis of relaxation and luxury able to offer an unforgettable holiday experience.

This historic 4th-century property, meticulously restored and transformed into a modern boutique hotel, is located within the Asiago Golf Club, an enchanting paradise for golf enthusiasts. Just XNUMX km from the center of Asiago, this structure represents a perfect combination of tranquility and ease of access to the main attractions of the place.

The rooms and suites of the Meltar Boutique Hotel stand out for their elegant design, comfort and modern conveniences. It offers breathtaking views of the surrounding golf club and mountains, almost bringing a piece of the natural landscape within the hotel walls. Waking up is a special experience, with breakfast served in the garden during the summer months, a buffet that includes exquisite homemade cakes and croissants, a real treat for food lovers.

The hotel offer is not limited to comfortable rooms and delicious food. The Meltar Boutique Hotel boasts a 1.000 m² spa area, a true oasis of well-being. This relaxing space offers a variety of facilities, including a sauna, hot tub, steam room, gym, and a range of massage and beauty treatments.

Guests praise the beautiful and relaxing environment, the excellent services, the clean and cozy rooms with mountain views, the quality breakfast and the elegant and comfortable spa. Particular praise goes to the professionalism and kindness of the staff, an element that seems to make the difference in the overall experience of the guests.

Asiago Sporting Hotel & Spa – 4 Stars

In the center of Asiago, the Asiago Sporting Hotel & Spa is a favorite destination for those looking for an elegant and relaxing retreat.

The Asiago Sporting Hotel & Spa offers a range of accommodation to suit all needs, spacious rooms, designed with a touch of elegance and comfort. The property offers a swimming pool, a sauna, a Turkish bath and a wide range of aromatherapy treatments, guests can immerse themselves in an atmosphere of total relaxation and well-being.

The hotel is known for its hospitality and excellent service. The reviews highlight a strategic location and a welcoming and refined spa. Additionally, the rooms are described as beautiful, comfortable, and clean. Guests also praise the breakfast, calling it varied and quality. However, a unique strength of the Asiago Sporting Hotel & Spa is its spa, often described as a "real gem" of the structure. The spa offers a variety of treatments and services, ensuring an experience of total relaxation and regeneration.

Relax Hotel Erica – 3 Stars

Located in the heart of Asiago, the Relax Hotel Erica stands out for its central location which allows guests to easily access the lively and picturesque center of Asiago.

With its 400 m² Arbor Vitae spa, complete with sauna, Turkish bath and indoor swimming pool, the hotel offers a retreat from the stresses of everyday life.

Guests consistently praise the hotel for its impeccable cleanliness, attention to detail, and warm, welcoming atmosphere. Many mention the courtesy of the staff and the exceptional location, just a few steps from the center of Asiago. The spa and wellness services also receive particular acclaim, described as a touch of luxury that elevates the overall experience.

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    Mattia 10-10-2011

    Asiago in the summer is a real paradise. I've been going there on vacation for 5 years and usually stay in a downtown hotel in the first 2 weeks of August.

    The center is always beautifully alive and there are often interesting events, in the afternoon my family and I almost always move outside where the plateau opens up and go hiking on the various paths.

    We are happy because there are several easy routes and therefore also suitable for children (6 and 9 years) in this way you can enjoy nature and the cool without having to undertake too complicated excursions.

    I think for families it is ideal as it is a simple and very beautiful place with healthy air! recommended.

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