Arosa in summer


Arosa has been connected to Lenzerheide since 2014 by the Urdenbahn cable car, which connects Lenzerheide's Urdenfüggli to Arosa's Hörnli.

The ski area Arosa-Lenzerheide makes these locations very popular especially in winter, thanks to the 225 km of slopes available, but it is in summer that the entire territory reveals its most lush and colorful face, with nature awakening allowing visitors to discover naturalistic gems of rare beauty that will remain in the eyes and hearts forever.

Summer in Arosa

Arosa is a Swiss mountain town located in the Plessur region and can be reached via the Rhaetian Railway arriving from Chur and passing through Langwies, crossing hairpin bends and tunnels. Arosa it is located at 1775 m. high and enjoys an extremely pleasant climate all year round, particularly in summer, sunny and not very windy thanks to the protection of very high peaks such as the Weisshorn mountain range.

Lenzerheide rises to 1476 m. in height and is instead located in the neighboring region of Albula: it is actually a fraction of Obervaz and is located right in the shadow of the 2899 m high Parparn Rothorn. and its territory is crossed by the small river Rain Digl Lai.

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Il climate therefore pleasant and the clear air make the Arosa-Lenzerheide area the perfect place to enjoy a summer holiday full of walks, excursions and outdoor sports, constantly surrounded by bucolic and enchanting landscapes.

In this corner of the Canton of Grisons you can practice canyoning, to rent pedalos to explore the lakes or practice some details scooters, equipped with both rear and front braking systems and can also be easily transported by cable car. At Chippin golf you can play golf on a 9-hole course, and then enjoy a cool aperitif at the Prätschli stables.

Lovers of mountain bike they will then find their maximum enjoyment in the Arosa-Lenzerheide area, among forest paths, dirt roads, trails and routes of different difficulty depending on their preparation.

Among the most scenic paths to cycle through is the one that from Lake Obersee passes through the Urdenfürggli, descends to Lenserheide and continues towards the Chur Pass, enjoying spectacular views of the Rhine Valley, and then reaches Arosa passing through the Prätschalp. This is a route suitable for more trained bikers but those looking for more accessible alternatives can reach the Bike Kingdome Park of Lenzerheide with its 5 different routes or reach it Skillcenter.

For the entertainment of adults and children there is the Arosa Adventure Park, which develops in the wooded area around Lake Obersee: between climbing, balance tests on wobbly trunks and Tibetan bridges, the day passes quickly in the shadow of the Swiss Alps.

Speaking of lakes, near Arosa there is also another lake, that of Submarine, suitable for swimming even though its waters are quite cool. The surrounding area is very popular, including children's games, a beautiful sandy beach, trampolines, refreshment areas and sports, bowls and beach volleyball fields.

Very picturesque is the Heidsee lake, where swimming is much more pleasant given that the water temperature in summer reaches 20°: in addition to swimming or fishing, you can rent boats or pedal boats to reach the 12 islets that dot the surface of the water, in one truly enchanting bucolic scenery.

A self-respecting holiday must therefore also satisfy the needs of the little ones and in Arosa-Lenzerheide there is certainly no shortage of opportunities: think for example at the Arosa Bärenbande where the little ones, together with the mascots Jöri and Ben, will find themselves playing by damming streams, building huts and riding pedal boats. Then there is the large marble run Murmelibahn 250 m long. the largest in all of Switzerland and the Path of Globes which, among 13 stations, welcomes children with adventurous games in nature.

Among the things to see in Arosa there is the Heimatmuseum Schanfigg: it is a museum space housed in a seventeenth-century building and inside ancient environments are reconstructed and preserve objects of the past for daily use. There are photos, documents, musical instruments including a domestic organ, sleds and skis in the room dedicated to the evolution of this sport in Arosa, stuffed animals and weaving tools.

Unmissable is then the Bergkirchli, the Alpine church dating back to 1492 located on a meadow with the Alps in the background and flanked by a wooden Walser-style bell tower. The church is open on special occasions, such as concerts which often take place throughout the week: there is no better opportunity to admire the church's Gothic ceiling and XNUMXth-century organ.

Among the most evocative places in Arosa is the Bäreland, or the Land of Bears, where those specimens who, throughout their lives, have been mistreated, kept in chains and kept in small cages are housed. The route is interspersed with Tibetan bridges and platforms from which it is easy to spot the bears below: there is mini-golf, a bear-themed playground and a cable car that reaches the top of the Weisshorn.


Excursions are one of the best ways to explore a new territory to get to know, because you walk in contact with the uncontaminated nature of the place, such as that of Weisshorn, the mountain 4505 m high. located between Zermatt and the Matterhorn. From the Mittëlstation intermediate station reachable by the Arosa-Weisshorn cable car, a beautiful path starts which winds through scented moss and meadows with a view of the Schanfigg Valley; continue on a stretch of debris until you reach the summit, where there is a panoramic restaurant complete with a pastry shop, considered the highest in all of Europe.

Il Squirrel Trail it satisfies the whole family and its initial part retraces the Life Route of Arosa, and then ends in Maran at the bus stop. During this route you have the opportunity not only to see the squirrels but also to feed them hazelnuts.

The excursion to the Heidsee starts from Lake Heidsee Parpaner Rothorn, whose peak at 2861 m. high can be reached by cable car that runs along the Alpe Scharmion forest: at the top there is a spectacular restaurant with a glass roof and a splendid terrace.

In the Arosa-Lenzerheide area you can go on excursions to discover the mountain lakes Älplisee e Schwellisee: you start from Innerarosa and follow the Hörnli-Express until you reach Lake Schwellisee. Continue past a large stone pine, in an isolated position, and climb towards the Chlus, also crossing an exposed stretch complete with a wire rope, until you reach the Älplisee lake.

The other splendid excursion then starts from Lake Untersee Walserweg: you walk towards the Isel basin and then through the green pastures up to Furgenalp. The path enters the heart of a fresh forest until it reaches the largest Tiejer Forest and the Tschugger mountain pasture, then emerging in the heart of the ancient Walser settlement of Medergen: it rises at around 2000 m. high, with its wooden huts where even today there is no electricity and running water. The excursion continues descending to 1423 m. height of Langwies, from which the view extends over the majestic Chüpfenflue and Sapün.

Among the most beautiful excursions to do in the Arosa-Lenzerheide area is the Arosa-Ochsenalp Rundtour: we start from the Arosa-Weisshorn station and walk towards the Hauptichopf, the highest point of the entire excursion, from which you can admire a magnificent panorama that embraces the Rhine Valley at the height of Chur and the Schanfigg. From here you descend to the Ochsenalp and the RotTritt via the Prätschalp.

Equally spectacular is the route that takes hikers around the Schiesshorn: from Lake Untersee you arrive at the ARA water purification plant and walk towards the Altein Waterfalls and then towards Lake Alteinsee, located with its clear waters on a plateau framed by the Strela mountains and the Schiesshorn. You descend along the wide meadows around the Furgatubbel, then cross a forest and the beautiful Isel clearing, thus returning to the starting point.

During a summer holiday in Arosa-Lenzerheide you can also organize walks Sanaspan waterfall, with its spectacular double jump, or reach the suspension bridge Val Meltger: the latter rises in the valley of the same name and overlooks the course of the Tobel river from a height of 12 m.

South of Arosa, between Thusis and Andeer, lies the Viamala Gorge, a work created by Mother Nature formed, over the millennia, thanks to the erosive work of the waters of the glaciers and the Rhine river: this gorge, 8 km long and 800 m deep, is a very popular destination for canyoning lovers, as from the Tamin Gorge, located south of Arosa-Lenzerheide. This can be followed via a picturesque 450 m long path, along which you come across the Tamina spring which gushes out impetuously at a temperature of 36,5°.

Holidays in Arosa – Lenzerheide

The Arosa-Lenzerheide area is very vast and offers many opportunities for leisure and entertainment to those who choose to spend a holiday there during the hottest summer season. There are so many excursions to do in the area, from the most challenging for expert walkers to the easiest, suitable for the whole family. Some excursions also require more time, sometimes requiring a whole day, not to mention the presence of many refuges where it is a must to spend some time, enjoying the surrounding landscape at considerable altitudes.

Arosa-Lenzerheid is a location suitable for everyone, from athletes to the youngest, who can spend a few evenings in the discos present, but above all for families. Both Arosa and Lenzerheide enjoy the "Families Welcome" label, complete with accommodation facilities and ad-hoc services for adults and children. Hotels, family-run hotels, B&Bs, campsites: there are many solutions available for those who want stay in Arosa-Lenzerheide, suitable for families, but also for other types of tourists, more or less demanding. For those who don't want to give up comfort and pampering, there are also hotels with small SPAs, while those who want to sleep surrounded by nature can opt for the Arosa campsite. In any case, those who decide to book at one of the numerous accommodation facilities present here will be entitled to a series of advantageous offers and free entrances to museums, adventure parks and ski lifts with the Arosa All-Inclusive Card.

There are many delicacies that you absolutely must try, from bread Maluns sautéed with butter, with rolls Capuns boiled or steamed. The dish is also delicious Bratkartoffen (potatoes cut into cubes and then fried with onions), i Cordon Bleu in the Swiss version with pork or veal, but above all the exquisite one Bündenr Nusstort, a shortcrust pastry cake made with cream, honey and walnuts.

Arosa summer holidays

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