Andermatt in summer


It is certainly not as famous as the Canton of Ticino, the Valais and the Canton of Bern, but the Canton of Uri, which coincides with the Orsera Valley, has little to envy to other more touristic places in Switzerland.

It is first and foremost one of the Walstätte forest cantons and enchants especially in summer, when nature appears even more luxuriant, the meadows are still dotted with alpine flowers and the lakes are little sapphires to be discovered. This is the naturalistic frame that surrounds villages such as Andermatt, , located in the heart of the Orsera Valley, the point where three important roads converge leading to the Canton of Grisons, the Canton of Valais and Oberalp and finally to the Cnaton Ticino through the San Gottardo Pass.

Andermatt rises right in the shadow of the Gotthard Pass itself, from whose homonymous massif the sources of the Reuss, Ticino, Reno and Rhone rivers flow.

Usern valley

Andermatt is one of the most interesting places in the Orsera Valley, both from a naturalistic and historical point of view: in this village, which extends from 1350 to 1450m in height, a famous and bloody clash took place between the Napoleonic soldiers and the Russians intent on advancing to northern Italy.

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The area surrounding Andermatt is truly spectacular in summer, among Alpine lakes, small glaciers and green valleys that can be discovered through exciting excursions on foot or by mountain bike.

Lovers of the two wheels they can, for example, cycle on the Nufelen, Novena and Furka passes or dedicate themselves to lighter routes in the valley.

Of course, the more trained can try their hand at the demanding route that connects Andermatt to Disentis, overcoming a difference in altitude of about 650 m. There is also the Bike Trail Park where everyone, from beginners to more experienced ones, can practice and have fun on uneven terrain and you slide.

In Andermatt and its surroundings you can also play golf, go paragliding, climb the Ferrata del Diavolo or go fishing at Lake Oberalp, located between the Canton of Uri and the Canton of Grisons. This lake mirror, located at 2027 m. high, it is in fact populated by arctic char, rainbow trout and lake trout: it can be reached on foot, by mountain bike or via the Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn.

Walk in the clear and clean air that you breathe in these latitudes, makes you want to get to know the historic center of Andermatt, , whose medieval layout can be admired.

Along the main street of Andermatt are the historic buildings in the village, dating back to the XNUMXth century and decorated with wrought iron signs and elegant pediments.

Among all, the town hall from 1767 and the Church of St. Peter and Paul from the end of the 700th century stand out: it was designed by the architect Barttholomäus Schmid and inside you can appreciate the plastered and painted ceilings, the Baroque chapel dedicated to San Michele from 1640 and the beautiful high altar built in 1716 by Johann Ritz.

The Talmuseum Ursern, dedicated to the local culture, its military history, the typically Alpine economy, natural history and tourism.

Regarding the eighteenth-century building, it was Franz Dominik Nager, the mayor of the village, who wanted it, and then at the end of the 700th century it became the general headquarters of the Russian Suworow, loyal marshal in office in 1799.

On the road that leads from Andermatt to Altdorf stands the suggestive, albeit remodeled, Church of St. Kolumban, built in Romanesque style in the 1100th century: it was founded precisely in XNUMX by monks from the Disentis Abbey.

There are many ways to explore Andermatt and the surrounding Usern Valley and among them is a trip aboard the steam train of the Dampfbahn Furka-Bergstrecke railway. In this case, one has the opportunity to travel aboard restored carriages dating back to more than 1 century ago, completing the section between Realp at 1538 m. and Oberwald at 1366 m. of height. The route is 18 km long and crosses wild gorge slopes touching the maximum point at 2160 m. of height.

Furthermore, only in Andermatt is it possible to go back in time and travel on the old one Gotthard postal coach along the Schöllenen Gorge: today the diligence travels, for mere tourist purposes, to Airolo 3 times a week, recalling ancient journeys that lasted days and days to join destinations that today can be reached in a few minutes.

What to do and what to see

A summer holiday in Andermatt cannot fail to take place above all by participating in excursions to discover the area and the Path of the 4 Sources it is one of the most beautiful routes to take. It is 85 km long and crosses forests, green pastures, rocky areas and wetlands, in a variety of landscapes populated by an exceptional diversity of flora and fauna.

It starts from the Oberalp Pass and walks towards Lake Toma and the Portgeren lake and then reaches the sources of the Rhine.

From the nearby Capanna Vermigel, continue towards Piz Giübin at 2776 m. high up to the Gotthard Pass. From here you skirt the Lucendro lake, pass the Passo del Lucendro and thus the sources of the river Reuss, a stone's throw from the Capanna Piansecco.

The excursion continues towards the Nufenen Pass and the Ägene Valley, to then arrive at the sources of the Ticino. The last stage of the route has as its destination the sources of the Rhone, which can be reached via the Furka Pass, from which the view extends over the Rhone Glacier.

Schollenen Gorge

Among the most significant places in Andermatt is then the Schollenen Gorge, famous because it was here that the clash between Napoleon's army and the Russians led by Suworow took place about 200 centuries ago and a monument, literally dug into the rock, testifies to this.

Il trail winds between steep rock faces and along the course of the Reuss river. The Schöllenen Gorge is spanned by the legendary Devil's Bridge. a legend has it that to build it the ancient Uranis, faced with the difficulties of building a bridge in such a difficult place, exclaimed that only the Devil could do it.

At that moment the entity appeared and decided to help the population, provided that in exchange they had the soul of the one who would have crossed the bridge first.

However, the Uranis deceived him by letting a goat pass through: the devil then tried to take revenge by taking a large boulder with the intention of destroying the work but an old woman traced a cross on the stone, thus putting the devil to flight and thus saving the bridge.

Lutersee lake

The high-altitude excursion towards the Lutersee lake: with the Gütsch Express gondola you leave from Andermatt and continue along the path that leads to this bathing lake, where you can even take a dip in the crystal clear, albeit icy, waters of the lake and have a picnic on its banks.

Very beautiful then turns out to beHike in the Urner Fellital, the ancient hunting reserve. it starts from the Oberalp Pass and climbs in just under 2 hours towards the Fellilücke, thus reaching the Vrsar Valley and the Surselva.

You then descend towards the Fellital valley and towards the Murmetsbüehl plateau, until you reach the Treschhütte refuge, splendidly surrounded by a dense forest of fragrant stone pines. The excursion ends by crossing the Wassnerwald Wood, where bandits and brigands once hid there.

Vacation in Andermatt

Those who decide to visit a mountain resort, such as Andermatt in this case, must take into account that the major attractions, mostly naturalistic, are not close to each other but separate, but often separated by mountain passes.

There are many and fascinating excursions in the area, but they require time to go through them and enjoy the landscapes: often the destination coincides with the presence of huts, where a stop to taste the typical dishes of the place is a must.

Also the accommodation offer in Andermatt it is rich and complete, given the presence of many hotels suitable for all budgets and needs: there are luxury hotels full of every comfort, cheap pensions and family-run establishments.

There is also the option of sleep in a mountain chalet: in Andermatt there are around 21 of them, often connected to each other via enchanting mountain paths. By purchasing theUrner Hütten Pass it is possible to stay in Andermatt enjoying advantages and discounts, especially for larger families.

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