Alta Badia in summer

Alta Badia

With Alta Badia we are referring precisely to that region of Alto Adige which occupies the southern area of ​​the lush Val Badia, lateral to the equally well-known Val Pusteria.

The more than 130 km of slopes make Alta Badia a very popular area in winter, but it is in summer that it shows its liveliest side, with landscapes that are a real explosion of colors and scents: in the shade of Dolomite peaks such as Monte Civetta, the Tofane, the Marmolada, the Sella Group and the Sassongher, lie valleys dotted with mountain huts, flowering plateaus, woods, lakes and waterfalls which give life to the most classic and fascinating of the alpine landscapes typical of the Dolomites.

The villages of Alta Badia, which then constitute the base for excursions into spectacular natural areas, jealously guard the Ladin culture, traces of which remain in the ancient dialect, in the cuisine of Alta Badia and in the legends that still cloak the places today most beautiful in the region.

Alta Badia in summer

Walks and excursions in the open air in the heart of Alta Badia: this is the best way to get to know this spectacular territory crossed by a highly developed trail network, part of which insinuates itself within the Puez-Odle Natural Park and the Natural Park Fanes-Senes-Braies, which develops at the foot of peaks such as Cima Nove, Cima Dieci, Croda del Becco, Croda Rossa d'Ampezzo and Monte Cavallo.

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There is no better place to admire than Alta Badia the Enrosadira, with the clear walls of the Dolomites which at sunset and dawn are enveloped in a pink light, in memory of the legend of King Laurin's rose garden.

Alta Badia is the so-called "land of bears" and the very first specimen lived here between 60.000 and 40.000 years ago: its remains were found at 2800 m. of height inside the Conturines Cave, reachable on an excursion that starts from Capanna Alpina in San Cassiano. Follow path no. 11 which climbs towards Col de Lucia until you reach the Gran Plan: passing screes and mountain pine slopes, you reach the slopes of Monte Conturines with the entrance to the cave.

An excursion on the Lagazuoi allows tourists to learn about some of the most tragic pages of history experienced by Italy during the First World War: at the Valparola pass there is the Forte Tre Sassi Museum, built inside an Austro-Hungarian bastion which was then heavily bombed in 1915.

An excursion starts from the museum towards the Sass de Stria, where you walk among the remains of trenches, walkways and a tunnel that leads up to 2477 m. high, with a view of the Marmolada, the Civetta and the Sella Group.
In the Lagazuoi area there are also the 5 Torri Museum reachable by cable car and the Museum at Sas de Stria, reachable from the Valparola Pass, crossing tunnels and trenches.

Don't miss the Lagazuoi Gallery Museum, located inside a tunnel dug during the Great War: it can be reached by the Lagazuoi cable car and allows visitors to learn about the difficult conditions in which the soldiers lived, through information panels and audio commentaries.

Il Kaiserjäger Trail it is a route that leads to 2778 m. of height between short climbs, trenches like that of Vonbank and a gallery, inside which original objects are preserved and a dormitory has been rebuilt.


Among the most beautiful excursions to do in summer in Alta Badia is the one to Sas dla Crusc: starting from Badia, you arrive by chairlift up to the Sanctuary of Santa Croce located at 2045 m. in height, and then continue on path no. 7 between exposed sections and rocky slopes.

You then move on to path n.7B up to 2907 m. of height of Le Ciaval and on that n.12B up to the Forcella de Modesc, to then return to La Villa walking among pastures and woods.

Speaking of Sas dla Crusc, at its foot stands the Sanctuary of the Holy Cross, at 2045 m. high, born around the year 1010 as a small chapel and became a church, complete with bell tower, only in the 15th century. The sanctuary can be reached from San Cassiano via path no. XNUMX, passing through the woods and a panoramic bench with spectacular views of the Dolomites.

From La Villa you can take a walk along the Artists' Path, walking in a sort of open-air museum among works created by Ladin artists, flanked by panels where verses in the Ladin language are engraved. The path winds for 3,5 km and runs alongside the Gadera river, reaching San Cassiano, precisely at Ladin Ursus Ladinicus Museum.

It is worth visiting this interesting museum space where, in addition to the fossil remains of the bear found in the Conturines Cave complete with faithful reconstructions of the site, it is possible to learn more about the evolutionary history of the Pale Mountains.

The tour around is very beautiful Sasso Putia, which takes place passing through the Passo delle Erbe and the meadows of Campaccio, until reaching the Forcella del Putia at 2357 m. in height. The excursion continues descending towards the Göma Pass and then crossing woods and green meadows to return to the Parties of Campaccio.

Don't miss the Path of the Mills of Longiaru, in the locality of the same name composed essentially of farms and the excursion that leads from La Val to Pass Ju de Rit, following path no. 6 towards the Chapel of Santa Barbara: after passing the old bell tower, you find yourself on trail no. 15, walking towards the biotope lake located at 1860 m. high and you arrive at the panoramic point with a view of the Plan de Corones and the Piz de Peres.

What to do and what to see in Alta Badia

Experience Alta Badia in summer it means not only going on excursions perhaps reaching higher altitudes, but also taking simple walks to discover lakes, waterfalls and mountain villages of the Dolomites. There are also many possibilities for those who love sports, from hang gliding to paragliding to golf on the course Tranrüs in Corvara, located at approximately 1700 m. in height.

The "Tru di Pra Marathon" also starts from the village of La Val, with runners, including amateur ones, wandering through the flowering meadows until the moment of the Enrosidira.

Mountain bike routes

Those who love two wheels have many possibilities to have fun in Alta Badia, starting from Freeride Park on Gardenaccia, suitable for experts but also for beginners. Then there is a Frara single trail that winds through the meadows and mountain pines of Passo Gardena until it reaches Colfosco and the valley station of the Plans-Frara cable car.

Those who prefer gravel biking can instead reach the typically alpine environments of the Sellaronda, that is, the route that crosses four mountain passes (Gardena, Pordoi, Sella and Campolongo). The “Sellaronda Bike Day” allows cyclists to cycle around the Sella Group on roads closed to traffic, in total relaxation and safety. For slightly more experienced bikers there is the “Sellaronda MTB Tour”, with the possibility of taking your bikes up to high altitude thanks to the ski lifts.

The passes involved in the Sellaronda are also affected by “Maratona Dles Dolomites Enel”, with routes that then go as far as Giau, Falzarego, La Villa and finally Corvara.


THE“Alta Badia Summer Crad” it is a summer pass that allows, for the period of time affected by the purchase, unlimited use of chairlifts and gondola lifts. This is an opportunity to be seized upon because many lifts are also open in summer, allowing everyone to reach points at higher altitudes, from which to set off on exciting excursions.

They depart from Corvara Borest cable car towards Colfosco, thus allowing you to more easily reach the Plans-Frara facilities towards Passo Gardena. They also depart from Corvara Col Alto cable car towards the mountain of the same name, Boe (towards Piz Boè), Pralongià (towards the plateau of the same name and also towards San Cassiano) and the Fraida chairlift which connects the villages of Corvara, San Cassiano and La Villa.

Among the other facilities open in summer are the spectacular Vallon chairlift which leads to the Sella Group, the Bamby chairlifts e La Fraina which allow you to reach Piz La Lla and Piz Sorega, la Campolongo chairlift, Falzarego-Lagazuoi cable car and the systems of The Crusc 1 e The Crusc 2.

Family parks in Alta Badia

In Alta Badia families will certainly not be bored, given the areas Movimënt present: these are outdoor areas, present on the plateaus between Piz La Lla and Piz Sorega, where it is possible to carry out sporting and recreational activities, with the Marmolada in the background.

There are Kneipp wellness paths, fitness areas, children's games and training stations “Natural Smart Working Movement”, where you can work on large wooden desks powered by electricity and solar panels.

In the La Crusc area there is also the “Summer Park La Crusc”, where the little ones can enjoy outdoor adventures, among mills, streams, huts full of books and giant chairs. From this park begins the route "In the footsteps of wild animals" which, among sculptures in pine and larch wood, leads straight to the Lech dlà Lé lake.

A Colfosco instead there is a Parco Avventura where everyone can become a little Tarzan by moving among the larches on wooden platforms suspended in the air.

Lakes and waterfalls to see in Alta Badia

Starting from Colfosco, a town in Alta Badia famous for its 400th century Gothic church complete with an onion bell tower, it is possible to reach the Pisciadù waterfall, located in the heart of the Sella Group, small but very scenic.

From La Villa instead begins Lakes Path, which brings the lake first Lech from Sampunt and then to the pond Dla Lunch, from which you can go back following the signs for Badia.

Unmissable is the Lake Boè, reachable from the Campolongo Pass via path no. 640: this enchanting lake mirror rises at 2275 m. high and is literally nestled between the high Dolomite walls.

From San Vigilio in Marebbe you can instead walk into the heart of the Fanes-Senes-Braies Natural Park and, via path no. 7, reach the little-known Limo lake at the foot of Col Bechei. It is said that here, where this emerald lake is located, the king of Funes lived with his brave daughter Dolasilla.

Holidays in Alta Badia

In summer, in Alta Badia, it is easy to find yourself taking part in folkloristic events such as “Füc dl Sacher Cör de Gesù” in June, when the mountain peaks of the region are illuminated thanks to wooden bonfires, whose shape refers to a series of religious symbols.

A holiday is made up of outdoor activities that inevitably make you hungry: what better opportunity to savor the traditional cuisine of the place, with dishes of poor origin but with a very refined taste. So go ahead to taste the turtle filled with sauerkraut or spinach, barley soup, dumplings and Grestl. The typical desserts of Alta Badia cannot be missing, from the famous ones donuts a thefts (fried spiral sweets), until you get to Pössl from Pom, those apple fritters that are eaten especially in shelters.

From a hospitality point of view, in Alta Badia le structures they are many and varied, you can even sleep in a refuge, enjoying the Enrosidira at sunset and then the starry vault at night, in the shadow of the legendary Dolomites.

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    There are 8 Reviews on Alta Badia in summer

    Gabriel Hall 14-07-2012

    .. a paradise on earth ..
    my second home for 25 years :-)

    Luca Bernabei 14-07-2012

    one of the most magical places I have ever made trekking, when I return to those peaks I feel at peace with myself ... when it comes to the Dolomites I only think of Alta Badia ...

    Roberto Teeth 14-07-2012

    it is a wonderful place not for nothing in the last 8 years I have been there 6 times

    Andi Frenademez 14-07-2012

    Simply heaven on earth ...

    Antonella Milone 14-07-2012

    I have been going there since 1972, I was 15 years old ... What about my second home ...? For me it is one of the most beautiful places in the world !!!!! I can't help but go back at least once a year, if not twice, to recreate my spirit and fill my eyes with its splendid views ... ..

    maximum stanzani 14-07-2012

    Alta Badia… indescribable, an absolute marvel

    Cristina Benino 14-07-2012

    A magical place… certainly one of the most beautiful in the world! a little corner of paradise that I have been attending for more than 20 years now and to which I intend to keep coming back

    Carla Marcon 14-07-2012

    True and pure relaxation ... ... there are no places that can compete ... ... a mountain suitable for everyone !!!! every year is a countdown .......

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