Alpe di Siusi in summer

Alpe di Siusi

THEAlpe di Siusi it is a plateau located in the heart of the Dolomites ofSouth Tyrol, is positioned at an average altitude of 1.850 m above sea level and extends between Val Gardena, the Sciliar massif and the Sassolungo group. This magnificent plateau has kept its appearance intact, preserving the huts and farms that still host the summer pastures.

The large green meadows that extend up to touch the Sassolungo and Sassopiatto massifs are today protected by forts car traffic restrictions, in fact, the town can be reached by cableway or by public transport while traffic is blocked from 9 to 17:00.

A holiday on the Alpe di Siusi or in the surrounding villages is characterized by relaxation and scenic beauty. Those who love high altitudes can have fun with mountain excursions and ascended to the surrounding peaks. Sports widely practiced in the area are theClimbing, golf, nordic walking , mountain bike, the Alpe di Siusi is also a destination for sports training and summer retreats for many sports champions who find here healthy air and large spaces in which to train.

The altitude of almost 2000 meters makes it one of the highest plateaus in Europe, from here you can enjoy a magnificent panorama of the fantastic Dolomite peaks reachable on foot through a dense network of well-marked trails.

The mountain is lived here thanks to 450km of trails and 365 refuges that invite you to stop to rest and taste the local delicacies.
Le excursions in the Dolomites they offer spectacular landscapes, there are itineraries for all tastes, the simplest ones are in fact easily accessible as a family, while expert hikers will have bread for their teeth with high mountain trails, via ferratas and rock climbing.

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To discover the less famous or more difficult routes you can rely on the expert local mountain guides ready to accompany you on guided tours on the streets Sciliar-Catinaccio Nature Park (even at night).

In addition to trekking and mountain biking, here there are also special activities such as paragliding. You can fly in the blue sky of the Dolomites escorted by an expert pilot, starting from Spitzbühl, head towards the valley floor, towards Castelrotto. The transport from Castelrotto to the Alpe di Siusi is offered by the flight team, for an experience that will remain etched in your memory for a lifetime.

Europe's largest plateau

The Alpe di Siusi, with its 56 km² of extension, is the largest plateau in Europe and one of the most spectacular places in the world. Located at an altitude ranging from 1.600 to 2.958 metres, it offers breathtaking views of the nearby Dolomite peaks of Sassolungo, Sassopiatto and Sciliar.

The Sciliar massif, the emblem of South Tyrol, dominates the landscape with its imposing presence. Cima Pez, with its 2.563 meters, reaches the peak of the massif's altitude, offering a panoramic view that leaves you breathless.

The Alpe di Siusi also boasts 300 days of sunshine a year, a rich flora characterized by about 790 different species and the Dolomites, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which make the plateau particularly enchanting.

The beauty of the Alpe di Siusi is not limited to its panoramas. It offers a wide variety of activities for sportsmen, families and gourmets. From hiking or mountain biking to simply enjoying the tranquility and peace that only nature can offer, the Alpe di Siusi offers something for everyone.

Excursions for everyone

One of the most fascinating aspects of the Alpe di Siusi is the vastness of possibilities offered for outdoor activities. Whether you are a fan of hiking, cycling or simply a nature lover, the hiking area Alpe di Siusi/Val Gardena offers a wide range of options. With its 450 km of trails, it is a real paradise for hikers. The trails suit all abilities, offering easier trails for families and beginners, but also more challenging trails for experienced hikers.


The panoramas that open up during these excursions are unique, embracing the nearby Dolomite peaks of Sassolungo, Sassopiatto and Sciliar. A particularly suggestive excursion is the one that will take you to the Sciliar plateau, which can be reached starting from Compatsch. Another recommended route is the one that starts from Rifugio Bolzano and crosses Alpe di Tires up to Rifugio Sasso Piatto. Each excursion offers a unique experience, immersing you in the heart of the unspoiled nature of the Dolomites.


For bicycle lovers, the Alpe di Siusi offers 600 km of dedicated routes, to be covered by mountain bike or e-bike. The Alpe di Siusi is easily accessible thanks to the modern ski lifts, which allow you to reach the plateau quickly and comfortably. During the ascent, you will enjoy breathtaking views and once at the top, you will be able to choose from a wide range of routes for all abilities.

Huts on the Alpe di Siusi

A distinctive element of the landscape of the Alpe di Siusi are its huts. These rustic structures, typical of South Tyrol, offer a restorative break for visitors, allowing them to savor the traditional local cuisine in a welcoming and intimate atmosphere.

The Alpe di Siusi huts offer a variety of traditional South Tyrolean dishes, prepared with local ingredients.


The first impression that castelrotto gives to its visitors is that of a village harmoniously inserted in the landscape surrounding mountain. The frescoed houses that dot the old town, the Baroque bell tower and the neoclassical parish church bear witness to a rich history and a living cultural heritage.

But it is not only the architectural beauty that fascinates visitors to Castelrotto. The life of the town revolves around a series of traditions and customs which the inhabitants celebrate with great respect and participation. Religious processions, popular festivals, transhumance in autumn and peasant weddings are opportunities to discover a way of life that has been handed down for generations.

Castelrotto with children

Soaring in the center of the country, the hill is a porphyritic hill which offers not only a panoramic view of the surrounding landscape, but also an equipped recreational area and a fun playground for the little ones. The Colle is also the site of an ancient castle, mentioned for the first time in the XNUMXth century, which gave the town its name (Castellum Ruptum in Latin, which means "destroyed castle").

The Colle di Castelrotto also hosts the Path of Fairy Tales. This circular path offers a unique narrative experience, thanks to a series of panels that tell unconventional fairy tales, intended to fascinate the little ones and stimulate reflection among adults. The path, the result of the commitment and care of the local educational committee, transforms a simple walk into a real cultural, fun and educational adventure, suitable for the whole family.

Alpe Marinzen

THEsummer in Castelrotto it is an explosion of colors and scents. The meadows are tinged with bright green and covered with multicolored flowers. The sky is an intense blue, dotted with white and light clouds. The air is filled witharoma of freshly cut hay and the conifers that surround the town. This season is ideal for dedicating yourself to physical activity, climbing the Alpe di Siusi, taking a break in front of a refuge, be lulled by the sound of cow bells, let yourself be delighted by the local specialties and admire the white walls of the dolomite peaks.

La Malga Marinzen, with its pet farm, children's playground and fishing pond, is an ideal option for families. The pasture can be reached with the chairlift Marinzen, located near the center of Castelrotto. During the ascent, visitors are enveloped in a suggestive panoramic view of Castelrotto and the Sciliar area. At the end of the chairlift ride, you find yourself in a landscape dotted with lush meadows and green forests.

The accessibility of this place, together with its secluded location, creates a unique mix of ease of access and serene isolation.

For the little ones, there is a playground and a zoo with animals to pet, while for fishing enthusiasts, there is a pond where you can spend a few hours in total relaxation. Fishing days can be arranged at the Marinzenhütte, where it is possible to obtain the necessary daily permits.

The Marinzen Alp is not only a resting place, but also a starting point for various outdoor adventures. Once you reach the alp with the Marinzen chairlift, you can undertake several walks and hikes. For example, from here you can reach Puflatsch-Bullaccia or the Alpe di Siusi. These excursions offer a unique trekking experience, with routes that cross wooded paths and flowery meadows.

Pastures, refuges and gastronomy

You cannot leave Castelrotto without having tasted the local gastronomic specialties. Huts in the area, such as the Marinzenhütte with its beautiful sun terrace and the Schafstallhütte refuge, offer typical dishes of South Tyrolean cuisine, prepared with fresh and seasonal ingredients. From the intense aroma of speck to the delicate notes of dumplings, through the robust flavors of local cheeses and the heady aromas of homemade desserts, the cuisine of Castelrotto is a journey of culinary discovery that delights the palate and warms the heart.

Siusi allo Sciliar

The town of Siusi is located on the slopes of the Sciliar and the Alpe di Siusi, it is a real union between history, culture and nature, offering a wide range of activities and experiences for every type of tourist. From here, thanks to Alpe di Siusi cable car, it is possible to reach the Alpe di Siusi, the largest plateau in Europe, quickly and comfortably.

Siusi allo Sciliar is a place that celebrates nature in all its facets. The Sciliar-Catinaccio Nature Park, for example, tells a varied story, not only as regards its primordial origin, but also for the flora and fauna that derive from it and the cultivation by man with his customs and its myths. A visit to the center of the Natural Park offers a unique opportunity to learn more about this area, with an exhibition that reflects all aspects of the area: the unique geology, which contributed to the nomination of the Dolomites as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, as well as the flora and fauna, which have always attracted and inspired many scientists and nature lovers.

Paths for children

A holiday in Siusi allo Sciliar offers a wide range of activities for families with children. For the little ones, the adventure of “Wake up, dragon Sigi!” represents an exciting and didactic adventure. Through a path that follows i favorite paths of the dragon Sigi, children are invited to solve mysterious riddles and discover the magic of the legendary lands of Siusi. At the end of the journey, having solved all the riddles correctly, the little explorers will have the opportunity to pick up a treasure at the Siusi Tourist Office and become Knights or Damsels of the Order of Dragons.

Another interesting proposal for families is the Gumperer trail in Siusi, a path that invites you to explore the five human senses. Created by children for children, the five stages of the itinerary offer the opportunity to get to know themselves and the surrounding environment better, while having fun immersed in the wonderful world of nature and emotions.

The ruins of Castelvecchio and Salego

At the foot of the imposing rock face of the tip Santner, immersed in the woods and surrounded by legend, are the ruins of Castelvecchio and Salego. These places, which emanate a mysterious and very particular energy, represent the testimony of the ancient splendor of the castle, erected in the XNUMXth century and acquired by the lords of Wolkenstein in the XNUMXth century.

According to an ancient legend, the two ruins of Castelvecchio and Salego would be connected by a secret underground passage. And apparently, from time to time around midnight it rings out among the ruins of Castelvecchio the melancholic and sinister song of a damsel trapped by an evil spell. An experience of undoubted charm, which combines history, mystery and adventure.

Fiè allo Sciliar

Fiè allo Sciliar is a picturesque village in the Val di Siusi area, it is the perfect destination for those who want to spend a summer holiday in the name of tranquility and contact with nature. Between breathtaking views, hiking trails, alpine lakes and rich cultural events, Fiè allo Sciliar offers a complete tourist experience.

Starting from the town centre, it is possible to easily reach the church of San Pietro sul Colle, a small architectural jewel considered among the oldest in the area.

Not far from Fiè, it is located Castel Prosels, an important testimony of the South Tyrolean Renaissance period. The castle, built around 1200 by the Lords of Fié and then transformed in 1600 into a Renaissance manor house, is now open to the public. During guided tours, you can discover the various rooms of the castle, including the knights' hall and the chapel. For the little ones, Castel Prösels offers an interesting guided tour program specially designed for them, an opportunity to immerse yourself in the history and atmosphere of the late Middle Ages.

Fiè lake

One of the most enchanting places is certainly the Fiè lake, considered one of the most beautiful in Italy. Located at the foot of the Sciliar, it offers a peaceful and relaxing environment, ideal for spending a summer evening in total peace, perhaps with a pleasant boat ride.

For hiking lovers, Fiè allo Sciliar offers various possibilities. One of the most striking is the path that connects seven lakes and alpine ponds, including the Huber lake and the Fiè lake. With the guided tour it is possible to admire five of these bodies of water, immersed in a natural context of rare beauty.

Hike among the South Tyrolean farmsteads

Another interesting excursion is the Farm trail, which crosses the colorful landscape of Fiè allo Sciliar. This path, which runs alongside old farms, peasant taverns, vineyards and chestnut groves, unfolds all its charm especially in spring, when the meadows are in bloom, and in autumn, when the leaves of the trees take on bright colours.

Along the Sentiero dei masi, you can stop at the Stangler farm, a certified bio-ecological agritourism, where it is possible to taste a traditional lunch. The excursion ends in San Costantino, where the namesake is located pond, a quiet and suggestive place, ideal for a relaxing break before returning to the starting point.

Tires at the Catinaccio

Tires offers a wide range of activities, from mountaineering excursions to more peaceful walks, passing through the discovery of the rich local culture and history. The surrounding mountains, including the Catinaccio, the Sciliar and the Latemar, offer a wide range of routes, both for those who prefer easy walks and for those looking for more extreme adventures.

Although climbing and mountaineering are solitary activities by nature, many local accommodations offer guided excursions, allowing even the less experienced to enjoy the natural wonders of the area in safety.

Historical sites

Local history and culture are a fundamental element of the experience in Tires al Catinaccio. One of the most fascinating legends of the area is that of the King Laurin's Garden, a tale of giants, dwarfs and princesses that has its roots in the Catinaccio. This story full of magic and mystery offers a unique insight into local culture and traditions, enriching the experience of those who visit the area.

The history of Tires al Catinaccio can also be discovered through its monuments and historical structures. One of them is the Chapel of San Sebastian, a peaceful and relaxing place of meditation. Erected as a memorial to the plague, this votive chapel is located in an idyllic clearing away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Another place of great historical and cultural interest is the Chapel of San Cipriano, notable for its fascinating XNUMXth-century wall paintings. These illustrate the extraordinary rescue of the “Platzliner” meadow, offering a fascinating insight into the history and beliefs of the local community.

Another unmissable stop is theancient Steger Säge, located in Val Ciamin. This historic hydraulic sawmill, now renovated, offers a unique view of the industrial past of the area. Visiting the sawmill and adjoining sawyer's cottage is free in the summer months, providing a valuable learning opportunity for all visitors.

Wuhnleger Pond

The Wuhnleger Lake is a real hidden jewel of Tires al Catinaccio, and is undoubtedly one of the most evocative and peaceful places in the area. The enchanting body of water, surrounded by the rich vegetation of the Sciliar-Catinaccio Nature Park, offers an inimitable view of the Catinaccio, making every excursion an unforgettable memory.

reach the Wuhnleger Pond, it is possible to take a path that starts from San Cipriano. This peaceful route of about 45 minutes will take you to a natural oasis of peace. Alternatively, from Tires to the Catinaccio, the journey is slightly longer, about 60 minutes, but offers the perfect opportunity to fully enjoy the serene and relaxed atmosphere of the Dolomites.

Once you reach the pond, you will find yourself in front of a breathtaking panorama dominated by the Catinaccio which is reflected in the still waters. A truly unforgettable experience is watching the sunset from the lake "all'Enrosadira": the play of colors of the sunset over the Catinaccio reflected in the water creates an atmosphere of pure and uncontaminated beauty, a moment of absolute peace.

But Wuhnleger Pond is not just a place of natural beauty. Its history is just as fascinating. During World War II, a stricken plane dropped bombs on it, leaving deep holes that are still visible today. These scars from the past add another layer of interest to this place, testifying to its role in the wider history of the area.

Panoramic cable car

The Catinaccio massif can be reached in just seven minutes with theropeway from Tires, this area offers a wide range of activities for lovers of summer excursions.

The modern and sustainable ropeway system is equipped with convertible cabins which offer a vista panoramica breathtaking on the surrounding landscape. The bottom and top stations feature a charming design, helping to make the experience even more memorable.

Once you reach the Catinaccio, you have access to the extensive network of hiking trails suitable for different levels of difficulty.

Holidays for families

The Alpe di Siusi is a real paradise for families, the conformation of the territory makes this place an ideal destination able to offer many hiking trails suitable for all ages.

Well-trodden paths allow you to visit the plateau also with a stroller and for every need you can rely on the numerous refuges and refreshment points along the excursion itineraries.

In addition, the typical South Tyrolean hospitality and the modernity of the accommodation facilities offer high quality services ready to meet all the needs of a family with children who want to spend a quiet summer holiday in the mountains.

Paths for children

For families, the Alpe di Siusi is a real natural playground. Many trails are comfortable and safe for kids, making them the perfect option for a day of outdoor adventure.

The Alpe di Siusi is a real paradise thanks to the abundance of hiking trails easily passable with a stroller. This means that even the little ones can get involved in outdoor adventures, making them appreciate nature from an early age. Parents can go along panoramic paths, enjoying breathtaking views of the Dolomites, without worrying about rough terrain or steep gradients that could put a strain on the strollers. Walking these paths also means being able to enjoy a relaxed pace, taking all the time necessary to absorb the beauty of the surrounding environment.

In addition to the paths accessible to strollers, the Alpe di Siusi offers a number of trails specifically designed for children. These paths have been designed to stimulate the curiosity and imagination of the little ones, allowing them to discover nature and learn in the best possible way: by playing. Along these paths, children can go in search of the Sciliar witches' refuges, follow in the footsteps of a knight or walk barefoot on the adventurous path "The springs of the witches". These theme trails, which wind their way around the Alpe di Siusi, transform every excursion into an exciting adventure for the whole family.

Wellness holidays in SPA

One of the most attractive aspects of the Alpe di Siusi is the possibility to experience a wellness holiday, immersed in the nature of the Dolomites. Here, a series of spa hotel offers visitors a wide range of treatments and therapies that exploit the natural resources of the area.

The facilities of these hotels are designed to ensure an experience of total relaxation. From the comfortable and welcoming rooms, to the common areas designed for relaxation, up to the internal spaswhere you can enjoy a variety of spa treatments.

A typical example of these treatments is the hay bath, a traditional practice of the region that exploits the beneficial properties of hay harvested on alpine meadows. During the treatment, the body is wrapped in warm hay, promoting muscle relaxation and stimulating circulation.

In addition to the wellness treatments, the hotels often also offer physical activities such as yoga and pilates, which can be practiced outdoors, taking advantage of the incredible panorama offered by the Alpe di Siusi.

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