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The village of Alleghe, also thanks to its lake of the same name, represents one of the most popular holiday destinations in the Veneto: it is located in the province of Belluno, it is part of the Dolomites district as well as overlooking Lake Alleghe, it is located right in the shadow of the beautiful Civetta Mount, which reaches a height of 3220 meters.

The latter stands out, among all the peaks of the Dolomites, for having a sheer wall overhanging the void as much as 1000 meters high.

Alleghe, where the ancient Ladin language is still handed down today, is the ideal destination for summer holidays for young people, sportsmen and families: in particular, it represents the starting point from which to reach some of the most beautiful places in all the Dolomites.

What to do and what to see in Alleghe

Sports, outdoor activities, walks and excursions: this and much more is possible in summer in Alleghe and its surroundings.

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You can walk, mountain bike and practice Nordic walking, mainly on paths that start from Pezzè plans: It is a vast plateau located at 1400 meters high, nestled between Cima Fertazza and Cima Coldai and reachable from Alleghe thanks to the cableway of the Ski Civetta or on foot along the CAI path n.564.

From Piani di Pezzè, for example, it can be reached on two wheels the Forcella Alleghe and the Col dei Baldi, and then descend towards Alleghe passing through the village of Coi.

Play areas for children and adventure parks

However, on the Piani di Pezzè there is also the Owl Adventure Park, an attraction that will especially make children happy: the adventure park consists of several routes of different difficulty, including wooden bridges and cableways totally immersed in the thick of the woods.

Next is then the Ally Farm, a sort of play area where young and old can have fun by trying their hand at small climbs, in balance tests and above all in barefooting, that is, walking barefoot on the lawn and in a low heart-shaped lake.

Also to Saint Thomas Agordino there is a similar attraction: it is the Zip Line and here it is possible to try an adrenaline-filled descent on the rope at full speed at 160 meters high, with a spectacular view of the Dolomites and the underlying Agordina Valley.

Alleghe town

Alleghe is a small mountain town but no less beautiful: it appears as a mirage to those who visit it for the first time, reflected on the waters of the lake like the looming Monte Civetta.

The lake mirror was formed following a terrible landslide from Monte Piz in January 1771 which effectively blocked a part of the Cordevole river.

Walking through the heart of Alleghe you reach the central Piazza Kennedy where, among wooden houses embellished with flowers and craft shops, the gothic Church of San Biagio overlooks: inside the religious building there are paintings of the '700, a statue of San Biagio in stone dating back to the '400 and a splendid wooden sculpture of the Madonna of Loreto made in the second half of the' 700.

Alleghe Lake

Una legend tells that at the time of the natural disaster an ancient church in the village of Alleghe was also flooded and canceled: it is said that when the water level is low, you can even see the tip of the bell tower, even if this sighting does not actually occur. it never occurred.

In any case, Lake Alleghe is an extraordinary place to be experienced, both for fishermen and for sports enthusiasts who can sail it by kayak (in addition to the possibility of navigating it by boat or pedal boat): the bathing area of ​​the lake is instead only the one in the vicinity. of a small beach.

A path allows you to circumnavigate the lake, also entering the dense forest and also allowing a small detour towards the Masarè waterfall, small but certainly pretty and refreshing on the hottest summer days.

Coldai lake

With the ski lifts, starting from Alleghe, you can start the excursion that allows you to reach the beautiful Coldai Lake, located 2143 meters high at the foot of the Coldai Tower: it is a body of water of glacial origin, literally surrounded by the high rocky walls of Mount Civetta except on one side, that is right at the point where the panoramic overhang opens with view on the Alleghe below.

reach the Lake of Coldai you have to reach the 1920 meters high Col dei Baldi by cable car: from here you go down towards Malga Pioda and then take path 556 which, having Monte Pelmo as a constant background, first reaches the Sonino Refuge and then Lake Coldai.

Legend has it that a dragon with large wings and fiery eyes dwelt in this corner of Paradise: it is said that it rarely flew away from its refuge and that when it did, its flight heralded only disasters. The legend continues by stating that the last time the dragon took flight coincides with the landslide that gave rise to the Monte Piz landslide and the consequent birth of Lake Alleghe.

Excursions around Alleghe

Among the most beautiful excursions that can be done from Alleghe there is the one at a time of Caprile, a small hamlet located at 1023 meters above sea level, considered another of the best spots to admire the enrosadira.

Take the CAI path n. 564 up to Piani di Pezzè and then proceeding to Fertazza, with magnificent views of Alleghe: in a continuous up and down you arrive at Pian, at the foot of Mount Civetta, and then arrive in Caprile through the thick of a wood, along a stretch of the Carducci Path.

The latter takes its name from the famous writer who stayed in Caprile in 1866.
From Alleghe you can then reach the villages of Greed e Cracoi: in the first in particular, now uninhabited to the point of looking like a ghost town, the remains of Islamic-style buildings remain, as the Republic of Venice brought Turkish prisoners here.

From Passo Staulanza instead, along path n.472 and reaching the top of Mount Pelmetto, you can instead reach the area where the dinosaur footprints of the Triassic era were found, right at the foot of Mount Civetta.

Holidays in Alleghe

To visit Alleghe and its surroundings would serve at least 2 weeks: it is not just a question of discovering the village and experiencing the lake mirror, but also of organizing long excursions to nearby villages, peaks and lakes that dot the surrounding area.

In many cases it is also possible to stop at refuges and mountain huts to taste typical products and it is therefore necessary to organize a longer vacation.

Having more time also means participating in the events that animate Alleghe in the summer, such as the Running Tour at night around the lake or the event that sees the illuminated boats parade, competing with each other to win the prize of the most beautiful.

Who wants stay in Alleghe you will be spoiled for choice between hotels with SPAs, family-run pensions, B & Bs and accommodation facilities more suited to sportsmen, complete with equipment rental.

Clearly, to save money, without sacrificing comfort, it is always possible to stay overnight outside the Alleghe, in one of the many structures in the area, decentralized and surrounded by nature.

Then there is always the possibility of sleeping in the many shelters that dot the surrounding Alleghe peaks, in an atmosphere of silence and peace that only high altitude landscapes can offer.

Alleghe summer holidays

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