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Il Alta Valsesia Natural Park it is the highest alpine park in all of Europe and was established in 1979 and among the municipalities included in it, one cannot fail to mention Alagna, in the province of Vercelli. The village, since it incorporated Riva Valdobbia in 2019, has become the largest in the entire province, in which it is the only one to border the beautiful Swiss town of Zermatt, in the Canton of Valais.

Alagna Valsesia is a place located in the shadow of the Massif del Monte Rosa which, with its 4638 m. high, it is the highest mountain in Italy after Mont Blanc.

Loved in winter thanks to the Monterosa Ski area, Alagna Valsesia offers the best also and above all in summer, thanks to the luxuriant nature that awakens, showing valleys, woods and rivers at their maximum beauty, with those picturesque Walser villages that bear witness to past never forgotten in this corner of Piedmont.

It is also important to remember that Alagna Valsesia is also part of the Sesia Val Grande Geopark, a geopark that shows visitors extremely ancient rock strata, born about 100 million years ago, i.e. at the time of the collision between the European and African tectonic plates which gave birth to the Alpine arc.

Summer in Alagna

Alagna Valsesia is located in the northern area of ​​Val Grande, at the foot of the Monte Rosa massif and surrounded by other legendary peaks such as Corno Bianco (3320 m. high) and Monte Tagliaferro (2964 m. high). It rises in an area crossed by the courses of the Sesi river, the Otro and Mud streams and those of Bors and Olen, whose waters derive from the glaciers of Monte Rosa. All around are the valleys of Mud, Sesia, Bors, the Olen valley and the Otro valley, in the shadow of the Corno Bianco.

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There are countless activities that can be done in the summer in Alagna Valsesia, among the yoga in the woods, trekking, sport fishing, kayak, canyoning, torrentism, Rafting e hydrospeed in the waters of the Sesia river and minor streams. Lovers of mountaineering they will be spoiled for choice given the peaks that surround Alagna Valsesia, from Corno Bianco to Castore up to Punta Dufour, which is the highest peak of the Monte Rosa massif.

Who is fond of climbing, know that in this corner of the Alta Valsesia Natural Park there is the magnificent natural climbing wall of the Fun'D Scotte cliff.

In addition to walking, there are many paths that can also be traveled on mountain bike, also suitable for families: in this case the Pista is recommended Alagna-Scopa cycle path which runs along the Sesia river in an incredible bucolic setting.

In the pleasant summer climate of Alagna Valsesia, there is nothing better than discovering the heritage of the village, starting with its religious buildings: the sixteenth-century Church of St. John the Baptist frescoed both inside and outside and the Church of San Michele in Riva Valdobbia, dating back to 1326 and declared a National Monument.

Le older fractions of Alagna Valsesia constitute a sort of eco-museum and can be visited on an engaging tour that starts from Piazza della Chiesa, passes through Piazza degli Alberghi and begins once you have passed the meadows of Zam t'Achi. It meets the fraction of Keep And that of Pedemonte which, in addition to housing two megalithic tanks from the 500th century, houses the Walser Museum, located in a 1628 house made up of a stone base, blockbau in wood (with characteristic perimeter loggia) and roof covered with stone slabs. The visit allows you to get to know the environments of the past, complete with tools of daily life: here is the kitchen, the stable, the living room and the rooms for spinning and processing the milk on the ground floor, while on the upper floor there is the bedroom bed and gear storage; the pantry and the barn were instead placed on the top floor.

The Tour of the ancient hamlets of Alagna Valsesia continues towards I snore e Ronco Superiore, where there are the oldest Walser houses and, crossing the Mud stream, leads to San Nicolas e Uterium, where you can admire 2 mills built between the '500 and '600 used to produce barley, rye and wheat.

The round ends with the fractions of Lace Bottom, with an ancient lime kiln and Lace Top, where there is the seventeenth-century Church of S.Maria Maddalena with the frescoed Chapel of Sant'Anna.

Among the highest hamlets of Alagna Valsesia there are Ca di Janzo, where the "Casa Alpina Reina Margherita" stands which in 1898 hosted the homonymous queen of Savoy and Rabernard, where is the Ethnographic Museum located at 1500 m. high and arranged over 4 levels: the stable, the habitable area complete with a soapstone stove and the sleeping area can be visited, with rooms where the shoemaker's tools and traditional Walser clothes are also kept.

Holidays in Alagna Valsesia

Choosing to spend the summer in Alagna Valsesia means preparing for a total immersion in enchanting and unspoilt natural settings, not to mention the dive into the most ancient history of this area, closely linked to the Walser population who colonized these lands in the XNUMXth century .

This civilization has left many traces in the language, culture and traditions of Alagna Valsesia and its many hamlets: the same festivals that take place in the summer, for example, never miss the presence of Die Walser Im Land, a folk group that sings lullabies and songs of Walser origin, with a choir whose members wear traditional costumes. The women wear their colorful shawls and skillfully embroidered aprons over dark dresses: embroideries and lace are just some of the pieces of local craftsmanship that you cannot fail to take home as a travel souvenir, together with the Alagna bonnets and the Scapin , typical Valsesian footwear.

Alagna Valsesia has a lot to offer, from simple walks to long excursions, not to mention the number of places that deserve to be visited in the summer. The accommodation there are many and make the holiday comfortable, responding to everyone's needs, from sportsmen to families to younger vacationers. Hotels, holiday homes, residences, family-run pensions, B&Bs and campsites are some of the types of accommodation facilities available to tourists.

Like any self-respecting holiday, the culinary aspect also has its importance and in Alagna Valsesia even the cuisine is closely linked to the ancient Walser people, with 0 Km products whose cultivation and production always takes place with respect for the environment.

To be tasted in particular the butter of the shepherds Der Anchu (of yellow paste and prepared with fresh cream), le myacce (similar to sweet or savory crepes), cured meats such as mocetta and gaissuwurst (smoked goat salami). In addition to enjoying these and many other typical delicacies of Alagna Valsesia perhaps in the refuge, you can also nibble something in the many equipped picnic areas, complete with fountains to stock up on water often near refuges, bars or farms that offer arrangement their picnic menus.

Summer holidays Alagna Valsesia

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